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Instead of being REACTIVE our office is encouraging everyone to be PROACTIVE!


Instead of just avoiding social contact why not improve the strength and resiliency of our own immune systems?


Here are some steps to take to be healthy:

  • Eat a nutritionally dense organic diet. Ie: vegetables, fermented foods (kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, pickles) whole foods (beans, grass fed meats, fruits, whole grains, brown rice etc)

  • Avoid vegetable oils, sugars, simple carbohydrates, alcohol, pesticides, GMO’s, and food additives/preservatives as much as possible

  • Consume “God or Natures Medicine” aka Herbs that are immune tonics and antiviral (we have many in stock here)

  • Include nutraceuticals in your daily routine ex. Cod liver oil, vitamin c, zinc, selenium, iodine/iodide, colloidal silver and many other minerals. 

  • Hydrate! Exercise! Rest! -Move everyday and get 7-8 hrs of sleep

  • Manage stress levels- Limit exposure to the media (Just incites fear and panic). Meditate, read a book, walking, connect to nature, aromatherapy etc. 

10 Dietary Tips for a Healthy Body

1.  Avoid (or eat rarely) white carbohydrates such as bread, white rice, pasta, and crackers.

 2.  Eat a wholesome breakfast like eggs or soaked oatmeal (with added nuts, butter and whole fat yogurt or milk).

 3.  Eat healthy oils such as coconut, cod liver, olive, and butter, and whole foods containing fat like eggs, meats, and broths.  Avoid vegetable oils such as canola, soy, corn, & cottonseed.

 4.  Eat fermented foods everyday like sauerkraut, yogurt, pickles.  Make sure the products are truely fermented; they should be refrigerated and say fermented on the label.  If you do not enjoy those products, eat what they represent; enzymes and probiotics.

 5.  Soak or sprout grains, beans and nuts (if possible) before cooking them to minimize stress on the digestive system and maximize assimilation.

 6.  Eat vegetables often and in reckless abandon!

 7.  Eat fruits as snacks and in moderation.

 8.  Avoid domino foods that can be eaten in large quantities such as chips, pretzels, popcorn, and even nuts.  Use care to control portions; take a handful or a small bowl and then close the bag!

 9.  Avoid soy products unless they are fermented such as tempeh, miso, and tamari.

 10. Use sea salt.

Saugerties Chiropractic Center expands its Farmacy!

Our office now carries a greatly expanded herbal medicine 'farmacy'.  We've added these nutritional products due to the overwelming rise in health issues that our clients are experiencing; such as lyme disease, auto immune issues, stress related illnesses,  to name a few.  Herbs, like chiropractic, support the various systems of the body to re-establish homeostatis. Herbs can balance and support these varied systems simultaneously.  We are only recently discovering what traditional peoples have known for centuries. Herbs are part of the matrix of Mother Earth's intelligence. They have co-evolved with humans symbiotically for millions of years creating a  relationship which is the foundation of the web of life!     

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