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Chiropractors employ a wide range of techniques for each individual case. We specialize in soft tissue/fascial manipulation.  Below, you’ll find a brief explanation of some of the techniques we use at our practice.

Soft Tissue/Fascial Manipulation                                                                      The fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds and supports every structure in the body.  In the case of muscles, it surrounds every fiber within that muscle-each muscle is composed of thousands of fascial tunnels!  The entire body is one contiguous network of fascia with muscles,organs & bones embedded within it.  When a distorsion occurs in this system, it can potentially effect anywhere in the body-an analogy would be a spider web.  When you pull, on its edge, the entire web contorts.  It is one of the structures that  get injured in trauma.  Whenever we see clients, in chronic pain, fascial restrictions are always involved (and often overlooked).   When these areas are addressed, corresponding pain is reduced or eliminated.  There are numerous approaches one can use to  mobolize fascia.  Triger point therapy (palpable nodules in taut bands of muscle fibers) addresses hypersensistive focal areas within the muscles.  Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation(IASTM) uses a strainless steel tool, that glides on the surface of the skin.  Its used for adhesions, restricted fascial bands, & tendon attachments.  This technique evolved from gua sha, a thousand year old acupuncturist approach  Radial shockwave therapy, microcurrent and deep tissue laser are all advanced technologies that address pain effectively.  I will discuss these, in detail, below.  Its important to note, that fascial restrications occur  with physical trauma (sprains/strains), repetitive movements (gait,postures,gravity) and chemical/nutritional or emotional stressors.  They are found within muscles, between the muscle fibers & bone or nerve and even around the viscera. These areas  are identified by gently pressing on the surface of the skin, sensing the texture of the underlying tissue. 

Drop Table

This technique makes use of specialized drop-piece mechanisms in the table to assist the adjustment. The purpose being to increase the speed during manipulation and thus utilizing less force. In fact, this approach is considered "low force".  The most common reaction to this technique is 'I didn't feel a thing!'  Individual cushions or "drop pieces" located along the table support each area of the joint until a gentle thrust is given. Then, each drop-piece moves, re-establishing range of motion within a specific joint complex.

 Instrument Adjusting

Using state of the art adjusting tools, such as the Pulstar and Arthostim instruments, manipulation of the spine and extremities is accomplished easily and efficiently. These instruments ultize percussion to stimulate proprioception- which is a gentle, effective method to engage the neurological receptors in the joint. The receptors, in turn, communicate that responce to the bodies mechanics, changing the range of motion within that joint complex (It's like working on the software, of the body, rather than the hardware).  What that feels like, to the person receivng it, is a subtle tapping on the joint.      Dr. Colligan has included a unique approach by applying various postures, positions, and movements to further increase range of motion and reduce pain and spasm.

 Cranial Manipulation

There are 22 bones of the skull that, just like everything else in the body, all move!  By utilizing gentle contacts on the sultures and joints of the cranium, movement can be reestablished.  Often conditions like headaches, sinus congestion, and vertigo are improved with cranial care.

Shockwave Therapy

RSWT(radial shockwave therapy),also known as EPAT(extracorporeal pulse activation therapy) or ESWT(extercorporeal shockwave therapy), is an effective solution for musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.  RSWT transmits a series of mechanical percussive impulses to the involved soft tissue structures.  These repetitive pressure waves create micro-trauma by breaking down scar tissue/adhesions, tendinopathies,fibrosis, and trigger points.  This, in turn, activates a healing response increasing circulation,cell metabolism, and collagen production.  It can reduce muscle spasm and pain,dissolve calcific fibroblasts and accelerate repair and recovery.  Conditions treated successively include; foot (plantar fasciitis,achilles tendonitis,heel spurs), knee (patellar tendonitis,shin splints), tennis/golfer's elbow, shoulder (rotator cuff tendonitis, frozen shoulder), hip (trochanteric bursitis, ITB syndrome, hamstring insersion), and spinal pain syndromes.

Deep Tissue Laser (class IV lasers)

Deep tissue laser (class IV lasers) delivers penetrating photonic energy deep into the tissues providing inflammation and pain reduction. It accelerates the body's own natural healing process through the use of specific wave lengths of light (photobiomodulation).  This process increases circulation and cell membrane permeability creating an optimal environment for recovery from injuries. Conditions treated can range from sprain/strains to arthritis. It is painless, non evasive, and has no side effects.

Flexion Distraction/Decompression Traction

We ultize the Cox-8 table to accomplish traction in the cervical and lumbar spinal regions.  The advantage of the Cox-8 table is the capability to perform flexion distraction-the table section flexes while tractioning, and decompression traction- the table section elongates in traction simultaneously.  The ability to implement these movements, in multiple planes, allows for specific segmental flexibility and mobility.  This painless technique is part of our treatment protocal for spinal stenosis, arthritis/ joint degeneration, and disc injuries.  

Microcurrent Frequency Therapy

Microcurrent works on the cellular level ultizing milli-amperage electrical current to stimulate biochemical functions.  Its been shown to be effective in decreasing pain and inflammation, while improving circulation, protein synthesis, ATP(the energy that fuels the body), and nutrient absorption.  It can help accelerate healing in acute injuries, such as sprain/strains, and chronic conditions, such as arthritis.                                                                                                                     

Additional therapies

Our office employs modalities including PEMF, vibration platform exercise/rehab., and whole food nutrition to complement our other techniques.


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